Photography has been my hobby for most of my life, I have used a number of 35mm camera systems from the basic  to a Minolta Dynax 700si.

At present all of my shooting is done with digital cameras, having used a Canon IXUS v2 , Minolta DiMAGE 7(u), Konica Minolta Dynax 7D , Sony a900 and Sony NEX-6 with lens ranging from 17  to 500 mm.

My current setup is Sony a6500 and a6000 with a 19, 35, 50, 16-50, 18-105 f4G and 22-210 mm E mount  lens plus with an LA-EA2 adapter so I can still use the Tamron 200-500 mm for bird photography and the Sigma 50 mm macro.

Most of my photographic artwork is of landscapes, flora, fauna and macro.

I have exhibited photographs and had work published.